Food Pairing

Rkatsiteli – Mtsvane

This wine is excellent with shrimps, crab, white fish, tuna and salmon. Raw oysters would be a smart choice. It also charms the taster when enjoyed with dishes from chicken & turkey and if with salads from crudité, it would provoke your appetite.


Saperavi  / Saperavi - Dzelshavi

It is the taster who makes a choice between a steak with green pepper sauce, casseroles like Osso Bucco or a hot dish from lamb with semi-dried tomatoes. Pizzas with four cheeses or beef- asparagus are almost the must!  


Alaverdi (white) / Alazani (white)

This wine is an excellent aperitif as well as it pairs with patés, smoked fish as well as with Chinese sweet-sour dishes. Some cheeses that would match the sweetness would be a good demonstration of an individual taste! Do not hesitate to pick your beloved desert and enjoy with it.

Alaverdi (red) / Alazani (red)

Pairs perfect when cold with hot Ravioli, Pasta Lasagna and barbecued vegetable Pizzas. A good choice with cheeses like Halloumi and Mozzarella. An absolute surprise with pork grilled on an open fire. Make a move and fill the taste of it with a dark chocolate or a chocolate ice cream with dark wild berries.