About company


Owner of brand “Old Tbilisi” is Georgian wines & Spirits Company ltd. (GWS). Georgian Wines & Spirits Company Ltd. (GWS) was founded in 1993 as a joint-venture between Pernod-Ricard and Georgian shareholders. Leading Company in Georgia, It produces Wines and Spirits (Chacha) and is since July 2011 the sole property of Marussia Beverages. GWS inherited infrastructure from the Achinebuli winery, built in 1972, and fully owned vineyards. Originally developed for the production of bulk and the ageing of white wines, it expanded its scope of activities to bottling.

Increasing dramatically the level of quality, exporting to the U.S.S.R, upgrading on a permanent basis the viticulture practices, the wine- making team of GWS planted red varietals as per 1999, and initiated the parcel management. GWS is now producing the TAMADA and OLD TBILISI brands, both composed of a diversified and quality portfolio of Dry, Semi-Dry, Semi-Sweet and eventually Sparkling wines, demonstrating its skills and deep knowledge of the viticulture, wine-making and marketing.

Both brands are being re-launched in Georgia and are successfully exported in the largest markets of Eastern Europe such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Russia. The winery is a scalable production set-up, with potential to support further volume and value growth. It allows the introduction of new products, demonstrating capacity for creativity and innovation. GWS has been among the first companies to get certified ISO 9001 (2005) and ISO 22000 (2008)