Brand History


Created in 1999, Old Tbilisi is positioned for a large clientele. Accessible because of its price and appreciated for its organoleptic qualities, the brand is a reference wine – a calling card for the city of Tbilisi and the country of Georgia. A wine enjoyed among friends and family, a symbol of Georgian hospitality and conviviality.
Indeed, Georgia and its inhabitants are characterised by their love of contact, fraternity and true friendship. Sincere, natural, spontaneous, these links are the dearly held values of which Old Tbilisi is, today, the emblem.


Our labels carry and convey the emblematic balconies of the Old Tbilisi district. In reference to the unique architectural style of our city and in memory of an old tradition when inhabitants used to sing, dance, party and drink on the balconies of Old Tbilisi. We want our wines to become as iconic as these images to celebrate with warmth and emotion the Georgian way of enjoying life: Cheers!


Through its origins and its ambition, Old Tbilisi is based on the values shared by its core clientele: humanity, pleasure, friendliness and empathy.
Its territory of communication covers a large area: happy and healthy human relations, the pleasure of a get together, an exchange and an open discussion, festive ambiances, relaxation and joie de vivre...


Old Tbilisi wines have a particularly refreshing aroma and taste, and can be drunk at any time of day. They should be consumed, accompanied by friends and loved ones, in a relaxed atmosphere – be it inside or outside.
One word expresses and summarises this positioning: GAGIMARJOT!
This signature is reinforced by the image chosen for our labels: the balconies of Old Tbilisi.
Like a country's flag, they constitute THE motto and colours of the OLD TBILISI brand.
*Gagimarjot, in Georgian