Legend about Tbilisi

It is said that in the 5th century, Vakhtang I Gorgassali, king of Iberia, then settled at the Court of Mtskheta, went out hunting with his royal falcon in the neighbourhood forests. The falcon allegedly caught a pheasant during the hunt, after which both birds fell into a nearby hot spring and died from burns.
Impressed by this unexpected discovery, the monarch decided to build a city and gave it the name of “თბილი”, meaning warm in the old Georgian dialect. Tpili (თბილი) became Tbili, then Tbilisi or warm location, in reference to the numerous sulphureted hot springs, coming out from the ground.
In memory of this heritage, the capital of Georgia gave birth to a wine that is a source of conviviality and human warmth: Old Tbilisi.
If our wines are vectors of human warmth, festivity and jubilation, that is because historically Tbilisi comes from Tpili, which means 'warm' in Georgian.